Cluster Pharma In

This Cluster aims to network SMEs and Research Centers working for the pharmaceutical industry, medical devices and biotechnology applied to health, in order to jointly, develop new markets, both local and international, and to participate in various joint collaborative projects aimed at improving productivity, quality and competitiveness of their members.
Objectives and Missions :
  • Facilitating contacts between companies and other players in the same sector to to take advantage of the transversality of the health products industry
  • Allowing to find partners for projects that can hardly be done alone
  • Promoting access to financing for R&D of new products, intervention in markets and the profit of common service contracts
  • Broadening the vision of the state of the sector through contacts with others with different visions and realities
  • Facilitating access to some information for the sector, which would be expensive to obtain or difficult to access individually
  • Allowing contact with companies and actors from other groups with whom they can exchange knowledge and business opportunities
  • Giving national and international visibility by acting as a means of positioning for all members.

Current members:

Companies : Teriak, Cytopharma, Médis, Pharmaderm, Unimed, Siphat, Pharmaghreb
Research Centers and Academic Institutes: Institut Pasteur Tunis, Faculty of Pharmacy of Monastir, INRAP, ISBST,
Coordinator: BiotechPole Sidi Thabet.
Legal status: Association

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